Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another harvest, Ballet West, Breakfast, and then some.

Do you ever feel like my blog titles are lacking creativity?  I do.
Darin and I were able to go to Capital Theater to see Ballet West’s Dracula.  We even got to sit on the 3rd row!  We could hear the dancers breathing!  I loved it!  It was also fun because we sat 3 seats away from a guy who we think was the director. 
Matthew got to have a “sleep-over” at Grandpa and Grandma’s—even though we picked him up at 10 he loved it!

 The young men and young women did baptisms for the dead and then came over to our house for breakfast afterwards!  I forgot how much teenagers eat!!  Luckily I had more food in the fridge!

Darin and Matt did another harvest from the garden.  We have A LOT of carrots!  If you needs some come on over!  We loved looking at the abnormal carrots.  I posted my favorite one!  We also have another bunch of yummy bell peppers!

Darin’s parents brought back this cool trike from the Philippines.  Matt LOVES it!  And Lindsay even likes to go for rides!  So cute!  Thanks mom and dad!

We had a pre-Halloween breakfast this morning!  Ghost and pumpkin pancakes!  Matt loved it!


Ioana said...

You guys are having too much fun! How awesome that you got to go to Ballet West! And I love that trike! So cool!

Sarah said...

Seriously Haylee...you make me tired. You are AMAZING! My mom says you are JUST like your mother! Your kids are very lucky to have you!