Monday, September 12, 2011

Guten Tag!!

Recently we were talking to one of our neighbors who grew up in Germany, then later went back with her husband and served an LDS mission in Germany. As she told us a little about her childhood/mission I decided it was time to take another “trip.” I know a lot of people think that our “vacations” are really silly, but I LOVE them! It is so fun to read and study about the country, watch videos, listen to music, look at pictures, try new food, and more. And we really do learn a lot!
For our trip to Germany we borrowed a German cookbook from our neighbor (which got a little confusing because their measurements are different than ours, and they have ingredients that I couldn’t find), and we made Brats (yes I burned them--sad), German red cabbage (which was REALLY good), and German Potatoes.
Matthew wearing his lederhosen.
After dinner we watched a few short informational videos (and got our pictures taken in front of a few landmarks), then we listened to some classical German music (Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven), then watched a German movie.
At bedtime we read a few non-fiction German books, then told Matthew the story of Hansel and Gretel (a German story by the Brothers Grimm).
The next day this handsome German chef made us German Pancakes.
It was a fun short trip--and we don't even have jet lag!


The Johnson Family said...

You are so adorable! You kids are going to be so well rounded. I admire the effort you put into your "trips" and I dont think there are silly at all.. Maybe we'll starting taking "trips" too!

Sarah and Alex said...

Oh Haylee I just love reading about your fun ideas! I bet your family just has a blast doing those trips with you! Thanks for sharing them. :)

Lindsay P said...

I love you and your "trips"!!! You are such a dedicated mommy. I'm going to have to take a few lessons from you. My kids are going to be lucky to get a hot dinner (mac'n'cheese) and plopped down in front of a movie. :P

Adam and Cami said...

I don't think your trips are silly at all! In fact, I'm super jealous of them, I wish I could be as cute & clever as you! That food looks yummy, like something I've had before (growing up with a Dutch Grandma & Dad)! And I love Matthew's Lederhosen! So cute!

Jadi said...

Haylee, I LOVE your fun ideas!!

Ioana said...

I LOVE your trips!!! You are so creative, Haylee! Hey, you need to go to Romania, sometime too.:) I have tons of recipes on my food blog you can use.:)

McKenna said...

This is the best! I wish I could go on trips as often as you do! Your kids will, (and probably already do,) LOVE this!!! :)