Thursday, July 21, 2011

Parade Float Preview Party

Last night we took the Young Women down to South Town Expo to look at some of the floats that are going to be in the parade this weekend. My Laurel advisor, Barbie, made 20 floats this year! She is AMAZING!! She made this Kung Fu Panda float—it is my favorite! If you have time you should go there too! They have lots of fun things for the kids (sitting on some floats, face painting, balloons, and more), and it is all FREE!! It’s also a great way to see the floats if you don’t want to sit in the hot sun!

Matt and his friend Andie got to sit on the float with the little mermaid, and then she gave them each a seashell!

Matt's face right when we walked in! (He was so excited!)

The AMAZING float Barbie made!

My cute Young Women

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