Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary!!

Darin and I had a wonderful 4th Anniversary! Saturday I went to Wes Truman’s funeral. I thought that it was going to be such a sad funeral and that it would be hard to celebrate our Anniversary right after going to the funeral, but I was wrong! (As I often am). The funeral was AMAZING!! I cried a lot, a little because of sadness for Lori and her sweet kids, but mostly because I feel so blessed in my own life—especially to have a testimony of the gospel. It was fun to hear new stories about Wes, as well as reminisce on things I knew. What an amazing guy! And Lori was remarkable! She looked beautiful, and she gave an amazing talk full of faith, hope, and love. My heart still breaks for Lori, but she made me appreciate and love Darin even more than I did before!

After the funeral Heather, Rick, Ben, and I went out for sushi. I can’t remember that last time that I was together with just my siblings. We had so much fun! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. You know that kind of laugh that you are so embarrassed that you are laughing so hard, but you just can’t seem to get in under control? It was like that for at least an hour straight! We got a flat tire on the way home (but luckily I have two awesome brothers that changed it in a hurry) and hit a bit of traffic so we got home a little later, so right when I got home I fed Lindsay and Darin and I headed straight for our date!

Darin got us a reservation at The Melting Pot! Mmmm….so yummy!!

I love every chance I get to be alone just with Darin! I feel so blessed that Darin is that man that I ended up with! I couldn’t have gotten a better husband and father for my kids if I had a million years to search! He really is the best for me in every way!

After the melting pot we went to Liberty Park to go for a paddle boat ride, but there were no paddle boats, so we just enjoyed a nice walk in the park and enjoyed visiting with each other.

I love being with Darin, and I love that our kids love being with Darin too. You should have seen Matt’s face when we pulled up from our date! He yelled, “Hey!! That’s my daddy!!” Then we all just sat on the grass looking at clouds! And luckily for us, mom snapped a picture! It is times like this when life doesn’t seem to get any better! I am the first to admit that life isn’t always perfect at our house, but I am glad that life can be filled with perfect moments like these.

Sunday was technically our actual anniversary, and I was really glad that we celebrated on Saturday because Sunday was SUCH a busy day! I had Ward Council in the morning, followed by 3 hours of church meetings, where Darin taught Young Men, and I taught Young Women. We came home, ate a quick bite of cereal, then Darin went to a Young Men’s meeting, then he came home and a few minutes later I had a Stake Youth Fireside. It wasn’t until about 8 o’ clock before we were able to just sit down and relax together.
Since Lindsay is still nursing, and doesn’t take a bottle very well, we can only be gone for a few hours at a time. And since we went to Anniversary Inn for the 1st night of our honeymoon, I thought it would be fun to go there again. So, I recreated the “Presidential Suite” at our house.


(I know I’m silly, but Darin is nice to put up with me.) It was a WONDERFUL anniversary weekend! Thanks Darin! I love you!!


Darin and Liesel said...

That is so cute (your anniversary Inn idea!). You have the cutest family! I love it! And I am so sorry to hear about your cousins husband. That is so hard, but I am so grateful for the gospel! You are amazing!

Annie said...

Your hair looks so cute short! I love hearing the latest. Can't wait to see you!

Adam and Cami said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! I'm glad you had such a great time together! It's always nice to have a nice night out! And isn't it amazing to look back on the last 4 years you've been married to see what you have done! I mean, look at you, you have such a beautiful little family of 4, way to go!!!