Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feed the Birds Tuppence a Bag

Today Darin, Matt, Lindsay, and I headed to Liberty Park for a picnic and feeding the birds. Another one of those “perfect moments.” I was glad I had the camera to get a couple cute shots.


Bridget said...

ok 2 things. First of all, your haircut is WAY cute! and second, i was singing that song when i saw your blog title for today and dane had this super confused look on his face...apparently he doesn't remember that part of mary poppins. :)

Jadi said...

I love how you guys make life so fun! I loved the reunion pictures, thanks for sharing them. I wish we could have been there. Hopefully we won't miss next years.

I can't believe Lindsay is already 6 months old!! She couldn't be any cuter. I am glad she is doing better.

Love and miss you guys!!

McKenna said...

Your little family is just adorable! I love you guys and reading about all your fun adventures!

Jessica said...

Love the last picture of Lindsay! Beautiful!