Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Play Date with Linds and B

Two of my darling roommates, and two of my best friends, Bridget and Lindsay, came up to Bountiful to visit me! I seriously LOVE these girls! They just make me so happy! We had such a fun time together! We spent the morning just catching up, reminiscing, and visiting! I can't believe the memories they have! They remembered a LOT of funny things we did that I had forgotten! I felt justified not exercising that day because my tummy got a workout laughing so hard!

Lindsay and her name-sake.

Our little babies got a chance to meet each other for the first time too.

Remember this picture?

Well, here are the real results 7 years later. The two cuties together...Lynlee and Lindsay, only 5 days apart!

(Side note--my cute friend Annie made this darling dress for Lindsay--thanks Ann!!)

After getting carried away talking we headed into SLC for a little picnic and concert at the Gallivan Center.

Matt liked going in the water with Lindsay.

After the concert we headed over to the Gateway mall. (Also- LOTS of fun memories with these girls shopping at the mall). We stopped at the fountains before we left to let Matt run through, but he was a little scared so we headed back to my house.
Again, we got carried away visiting and giggling like school girls, they helped me get dinner ready, and then we said goodbye. It was a bitter goodbye especially because Linds is moving out to the east coast and will be there for 3+ years. I will miss her dearly.

It was a GREAT day! Thanks B and Linds for coming up! And thanks a million Lindsay for actually planning the whole thing! Love you BOTH!!


Bruce and Liss said...

It's so fun to come and check your blog and see your cute kids. You're so fun. Glad everything is going so well for you and that Lindsay is doing so AWESOME!!! I love that pic of her holding her head up so well--Way to go girl!

Matt and Becca said...

I am so so so so sad that I missed your call that day! I think I misplace my phone on a daily basis now that I'm trying to keep track of a binki. :) I would have loved to see you girls and have a visit. Can I see you soon??