Friday, June 24, 2011

Life is Great!

Last night we had my parents and grandparents over for hamburgars and root beer floats. After dinner Darin was on the phone making plans for Scout Camp. Matthew said, "Daddy, phone in pocket! You in backyard with me!" I totally reminded me of those LDS "Isn't it about time?" commercials. Darin put away his phone and went running through the sprinkklers with Matt. He is one lucky boy to have such an awesome dad!

Here is a short movie of them running in our backyard sprinklers.

Yesterday morning Matthew came in wearing Darin's shoes and said, "Bye Mommy! I go to working with mine Daddy!" So, I took a quick photo:

And our little Linds is AWESOME!! Look at this picture of her holding her head up!! WAHOO!!! Go Linds!!

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Jadi said...

SO cute!! I love how Lindsay is doing so well! :)