Thursday, June 9, 2011

Children’s Museum at Discovery Gateway

My friend Suzanne had some free passes to the Children’s Museum and she let us tag along with her and her two cute girls! We had so much fun! This was Matthew’s first time going and I really think that he could have stayed there all day long. He loved the building blocks, the balls, the little play area for kids 2 and under, and of course, the water! Here are a few pictures from the fun day! And thanks again Suzanne for such a fun time!!

Ok, so I know that this last picture isn’t that great, but it makes me happy! I had been watching Matthew the whole time, but he was so busy playing he didn’t really notice me. When he went into this little “bird house” I tapped on the window and waved to him. When he saw me he got so excited! Then he started to announce to all the kids (that he didn’t even know), “Hey! That’s my mommy!!” I don’t know why, but that really just made my day!


Jadi said...

Great posts! I wish everyone blogged as well as you do. My kids had fun at the children's museum too. I am happy to hear that Lindsay is doing well and starting to hold her head up! :)
I loved the family pictures from your dinner at Rick and Olivia's. I can't believe Liv is already 1 month old!!

Kelli said...

How fun! We love that place. We have a family pass there but it expires this month. Sad :( I am so happy that Lindsay is progressing and things are going well. Now that it is summer and I'm not teaching I would love to get together with you guys!

Angie and J.D. said...

awww man!! Looks like you guys had so much fun! I was sad I couldn't make it also. Good thing is I know we'll plan something soon :)

Adam and Cami said...

How fun! I have been wanting to take Cole there, glad to know Matthew had a good time! And by the way, I LOVE Matthew's outfit! ;)