Monday, May 23, 2011

Cousin's Sleepover

This weekend Darin had Scout Camp so I invited all my cute, beautiful, fun, happy, funny, loving, sweet cousins over to my house for a sleepover. I think that Matthew was in HEAVEN having 6 girls giving him lots of attention. And I was in HEAVEN just being with these fun girls!! I love them SOOO SOOO stinkin much! What a great night! I haven't stayed up that late since college! We made pizza, ate pizza, talked, ate, talked, watched movies, talked some more, got a few winks in, made crepes, talked, played, and talked! Thanks so much for coming! Love you all!!

Here are a few pictures from the night/morning:

My cute cousins:

Making Pizzas:

A few random shots:

(I had a hard time figuring out the automatic timer...and I LOVE McCall biting Abbey's shoulder)


Adam and Cami said...

You are the coolest cousin! That looks like so much fun! In fact, you are the coolest, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, oh boy, I could go on! What can I say, you are just super COOL!

jones family said...

dido to the comment above! can i please be invited to one of your super cool parties? ha ha seriously!

Jadi said...

Haylee, you make life so much fun!! I wish we lived closer to you guys. You will have to come visit so we can have a fun sleepover party. :)