Monday, April 4, 2011

YW New Beginnings

Last week we had our Young Women New Beginnings program. I thought that it turned out great!! My WONDERFUL, AMAZING, TALENTED, (not to mention beautiful) councilors, secretary, and Laurel advisor pretty much did the WHOLE THING! They have been SOO SOO wonderful as I have been busy with Lindsay to just take over the whole YW. I love our girls so much and I am so excited to be with them again! They all were fabulous!!

(The invitations--one of the few things I was incharge of).

What a group!


Sarah said...

Seriously, when do you have time to be so amazing?! So cute! I might have to remember this for one day! And I loved the little stories of Matthew! Sounds like he keeps you plenty busy!

Bruce and Liss said...

FOr CUTE! What a fun idea.
Love it!

Vicki Lynne said...

What an adorable idea!