Monday, April 18, 2011

Gunnerson Dinner

We had a fun Gunnerson "Pre-Easter" Dinner. It is always so fun to be with family! We had lots of yummy food including London Broil, sauteed mushrooms, twice baked potatoes, rolls, apricot glazed carrots, rolls, peanut butter eggs and my sisters-in-law brought some yummy salads and a yummy carrot cake!

The kiddos tables

The Adult Table

I made peanut butter chocolate eggs and found these cute boxes to put them in. Also, this is the china Darin bought for "his future wife"(aka me) when he lived in the Philipines with his parents the 1st time they were there 10 years ago. I think he chose pretty well!

All the kids minus Cooper and Hayden. (Missed you mom, dad, Nate, Janie, and Tom)


Allan and Vicki said...

What a fun time for family to be together! You are pretty amazing, Haylee! (And I DO like Darin's choice of china!)

DeAnna Packer said...

Yes, you ARE amazing.... Darin, will you pick out my china when I get married next time??? Good Job!

Kristy said...

Seriously, too cute. You do the cutest things. You are your mothers daughter!