Monday, April 18, 2011

A few upgrades!

We changed a few minor things in our house, but I think they make a big difference! First- my mom made this awesome blanket and chair covers for Matthew's bedroom:

Second- We got a new faucet! Hooray! (Our water heater broke the same day so we got our plummer to instal it for us! Yippee!)

Third- I filled my jars with candy instead of pasta. I like how it turned out!

Fourth- I made these placemats using an old putting green I had but never used. Kind of silly, but I thought they were kind of cute too!

And just for fun a little mommy/Lindsay picture

(This is in honor of you Amy--"embrace the camera!" :))


jones family said...

love the picture of you and lindsay!!

Bruce and Liss said...

Umm...THAT picture of you and LInsay is sooo cute! And I love all of your cute new changes around the house!

Sophie said...

Candy is always best for filling any type of receptacle, including one's mouth :)

I'm very glad that Lindsay is doing well and OOOOH I want to squeeze her (but just a little... I won't hurt her)!

As for the rest...ahhhh, I wish I had a house! Enjoy it!

Kristy said...

So so cute. I should have put Easter things in my jars! I was too afraid to have candy around...