Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Again!!

We brought our little Lindsay home last night (Tuesday) Yay!! It is soo sooo nice to be back and to hold my baby without a million wires, cords, monitors, IVs, etc. attached to her!! So here is a summary of the last few days.

Sunday, February 27th

Lindsay had her surgery Sunday morning and they did the surgery with the intention to poke a hole in her ventricle to make a new canal, but if they didn’t have a straight shot (without hitting her pituitary gland or hitting an artery) they would just go ahead and put a shunt in.

(Darin and Lindsay right before the surgery).

It was a long wait while she was in surgery, but when she came out she had no shunt and no drain!! However, this surgery only has a 30% success rate, so there is a 70% chance we’ll still be back In next month to get the shunt.

She was REALLY pale when she came out of surgery, and she had her yucky orange soap all over her body (because they were preparing for the shunt), and she has blood matted to her hair (which is a major bummer because we can’t bathe her for a week), but we were SOO glad that it went well!!

Around 5:00 she was still pretty sedated so my family talked me into going home for my birthday dinner! My whole family was SOOO nice and everyone made my favorite dinner!! (Flank steak, funeral potatoes, asparagus, brussle sprouts, my favorite salad, and my mom’s awesome rolls!!)

(Mom always sets the table so cute for our birthdays!)

(about to blow out 26 candles...that is right! I am officially old).

My brother brought me back around 7:00 but we weren’t allowed to go in until 7:30 (they have pretty strict rules in the NICU). I stayed with Lindsay for a while and right as I was about to go home she threw up and kept crying and crying. It was a pain cry not a hunger cry and it just broke my heart. Around 11:00pm I headed home and bawled all the way to the car, I bawled the whole ride home, and bawled most of the night. I don’t think that there is anything much worse than coming home without your baby. I don’t have any idea how moms can stay in the NICU for months and months.

(Lindsay after surgery but before coming out of sedation. Doesn't it look like she's almost smiling in this one? What a cutie she is!)

Monday was a GREAT day!! She ate well, she slept well, she was on less pain medication, she was breathing well, and she even gave us a few smiles!! It was a wonderfully happy day!
Tuesday she got another CT, and showed that her ventricle hadn’t shrunk at all (bummer) but her cyst did shrink even more.

We have another doctor’s appointment with a CT on Monday, and then another appointment with an MRI in 3 weeks. I asked the doctor when we will know if the surgery worked or not and he said if we can make it to the 1 year mark we should be in the clear! (I know most mothers want to enjoy every second with their baby, but I cannot WAIT until her first b-day…I am not a patient person).

So, now we just have to wait and pray that she is in that 30% that has a success story. Until then we’ll just hope she doesn’t throw up, or have her head grow too quickly, or get dehydrated, or urinate too much, and eat well, keep that canal open, etc., etc., etc. Thanks so much for all the sweet notes, messages, gifts, cards, visits, etc!! We love you all sooo much and appreciate all the support!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I seriously am beyond amazed at everyone’s kindness!! I wish I could list all of our tender mercies and answers to prayer, but they are ENDLESS! Thanks again everyone!!

Back in her own bed!


Eliza said...

Lindsay has got to be the cutest little thing ever. Not many can pull off the giant band-aid on the head and still look that ridiculously adorable!

I am so glad that you are all home again. Come on 30%!!!! Love you and praying for you all.

Julie said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!! What a sweet little angel you have on her hands. She sounds like a miracle baby! I am glad that she is back home where she belongs. You are amazing Haylee. I don't know how I could ever get through something like that. Prayers for you and your family.

Happy late birthday, by the way. XOXO

Ioana said...

I am soooooo glad she's back home!!! She's such a sweetheart! I'll continue praying and hope along with everyone else that she is in the 30%!
You ARE AMAZING, Haylee!!! And Happy belated B-day!:)

Meredith Shatzer said...

I am so happy for you that you are all back home!! What a sweetheart and that last outfit is to die for! Keep us updated!

Rosalee said...

I'm glad she's home again and that things went well. I will continue to keep her in my prayers. She is such a sweet little baby!

Sophie said...

YAY! I'm so glad she's home! I don't know how you did (and continue to do) it! She is so precious and so beautiful!

cj said...

You are such AMAZING parents! The Lord knows where and to whom to send these precious spirts.

rachel said...

I am so glad you are home - there is no better place! We're continuing to pray for you and your sweet family every night. Love you!

Shauna said...

I'm so glad! She's an angel! I hope she is in that 30%! You've definitely been on an emotional roller coaster. I'm glad she's home now.

Kimberly said...

What a precious little girl to go thru all that. What a wonderful Mother you are Haylee...hang in there!

Annie said...

She looks so sweet! We'll keep praying.

DeAnna Packer said...

Thank you for the 'report'...
Birthdays, surgeries, Tears, Gratitude and such Extreme Emotions! (Here's to wishing away a year
sigh...the lessons we learn in this life. You continue to be on the Packer Prayer List!
Love you all so very much!

Kelli said...

So happy she is home. Happy Belated Birthday! Little Lindsay is in our prayers. Even Dean, Ella, and Elysee remember to keep her in their prayers. Love you guys.

Jessica said...

Think of you Haylee and your darling little family.