Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Lindsay and Happy Marti Gras!!

Sorry I left a lot of people hanging on the Lindsay update. We went into the doctor on Monday and we didn’t end up getting a CT but the doctor measured and felt her head and thought it was looking good. Her incision is healing up nicely too. With her new incision she has a perfect “L” on her head for Lindsay!! If she ends up needing another surgery I am going to request they make the incision in the shape of a “G” so she can have her initials on her head!! Ha ha!! How awesome would that be? I was a little bummed that the shaved off more of her hair, but I am more thrilled that she is doing so well!! We will be going back in two weeks for another check up.

Since Monday went so well we had a celebration party on Tuesday for Marti Gras! However, according to my niece we didn’t really have a party. Our conversation went something like this.

Rachel: What are these hats for?
Me: We had a party at our house last night!
Rachel: Who came to your party?
Me: Uncle Darin, Matthew, Lindsay, and me.
Rachel: That’s not a party!

I’m still going to call it a party though. When I can’t take Lindsay out of the house, and we’re supposed to limit visitors I get cabin fever pretty bad, so we had a party with the all of the people who happen to live here. Matthew and I made these awesome hats and mask. For dinner we had gumbo and King’s cake. It was a fun night even if it was simple, and we learned a lot about the history of Marti Gras!

And I had to add in this little gem. Matt and Lindsay taking a nap together


Sara said...

Oh my goodness! This is adorable on about a million different levels. You should probably just keep having babies cause their little smiles just about make my day.

Kristy said...

1-I think we should all get our initials on our bodies somewhere so we match Lindsay's.
2-You are so creative and fun. You always have such fun ideas. I need to start doing fun things before I go winter crazy!
3-The picture of M & L napping is too precious. I love how Matt is reaching towards Lindsay. Precious!

Rosalee said...

You have such fun ideas! I'm happy to hear about Lindsay! She and Matthew are so precious!

Bruce and Liss said...

You're such a FUN mom Haylee!
And, that last picture of them taking a nap together is tooo cute!
So glad she's doing better....what a little blessing she is.

Natasha said...

Two adorable kids!

Brad and Britt said...

Haylee....amber anderson and I tried to come visit your little lindsey in the hospital when you were staying at hotel PCMC! We unfortunately got super super busy once we decided we wanted to visit you! I'm sorry. but I am so happy that our prayers have been answered and baby lindsey is doing well!

Adam and Cami said...

Look how cute you are, as usual! How fun! Your kids are just so cute! And don't forget I am always happy to help again! Love ya guys!