Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This is my 4th year with Darin as my Valentine, and I couldn't chose a better Valentine!

We had a nice, quiet V-day this year. It all started with my sister and brother in law bringing us this awesome gift basket filled with bread, crackers, cheese, meat, grapes, stawberries, chocolate covered strawberries, dove chocolates, mints (that spark in the dark), molten lava cake, a Glee love CD, sparkling grape juice, and a box of chocolates. Thanks Greg and Heather!!

We enjoyed our "french dessert" and a movie on Saturday night.

Matthew got two valentines from girls, so he had a GREAT Valentines Day

Lindsay didn't have a Valentine this year, so she wasn't so happy.

This year Darin ran out of my favorite cologne, so I got him another one--not that exciting but he humors me!

We also got this cute (and delicious) Valentine of chocolate strawberries from our family friend Cindy! Thanks cute Cindy!!

Darin gave me two AWESOME V-day presents this year! 1st he texted me while he was at work to let me know that he rented a jet that had a sign flying behind it that says "Darin loves Haylee" that was going to fly around the whole world. He texted me again later in the day to tell me to go drive up Snowbird and go to the top of the mountain, look down, and the light from the stars and moon would show a message "I love you" written with rosebuds in the snow! How romantic is that!!? Unfortunately, since I was home with the kids I didn't get to see either of them, but the thought alone melted my heart! (I also did get some awesome chocolates and bubble bath!)

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