Friday, February 18, 2011

Lindsay's 1 Month Update

Lindsay is one month old today. Part of me can’t believe a whole month has gone by, but most of me can’t believe it has ONLY been a month. We love this little girl so much and we are so glad that she is in our family.

As for the update, Lindsay is still throwing up every day which makes us nervous because that means she still has pressure in her brain, leading us to believe that the surgery didn’t work. Her head is growing too, also not a good sign. Darin and I are having a hard time deciding if her soft spots are full or not, but every time that I have called Primary’s they just want us to wait it out until our appointment in March. On the plus side her stiches are healing and the two holes in the back of her head are nearly gone.

Thanks again for all the prayers. We really do appreciate them! Now we’ll just keep playing the waiting game until March 7th.

I love this owl, but I am staring to think that Lindsay really is afraid of it…ha ha!!

1 month

5 days


Adam and Cami said...

She is so cute! I love her face with her owl! I hope everything else goes well! You are all in my prayers!

Dave and Mandi said...

Haylee she is absolutely gorgeous!!! I still can not get over all of the beautiful hair your babies have! I guess they get that from their momma! We are so happy that she is doing so well.

Natasha said...

Lindsay is in our prayers and will remain so. She's a cutie. I think you may be right about the owl. It's a cute owl, but maybe a little overwhelming since it's as big as she is. :) I remember surrounding James with small stuffed jungle animals when he was about 2 months old. He HATED it! I thought an afternoon in the jungle would be fun, but he disagreed.

Jake and Shannon Box said...

You and your darling family have been in my thoughts and prayers non-stop! What a trial it must be as a mother, but thank you for your great example and faith. You will continually be in our prayers :-) She's beautiful!!!

Sara said...

Your girl is just so lovely! Haylee I think about you ALL the time and I just wish and hope someday I can be as cool as you are! I'm totally in love with your little family (I can't believe I haven't met ANY of them!) and I'll be thinking of you and Lindsay allllll the way til March 7th (it'll be here so quick!)

You're basically my hero. And don't they have bonds and/or stocks in London? (Which is me asking why you don't come and live by me already.)