Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gunnerson Update

Matthew has adjusted AMAZINGLY well to having a new baby around! I was a little nervous the first day home, but he has done great with Lindsay! He loves her so much and hates when she is sad. It is really cute! He loves to read to her, sing to her, help burp her, and anytime she cries he runs to her room to help!! What a sweetheart!! Here are a few pictures of the two together. We had a fun week of birthdays! Tuesday was our pet Dorothy’s birthday! We’ve had her for a year now, and I was hoping she would only live a week (I know, I am an awful person). But, happy birthday to Dorothy! Wednesday was Matthew’s birthday. I had a lot of good intentions for his birthday, unfortunately I’m not back to 100% on the recovery, and a little sleep deprived, so Matthew got a “mini party.” In the morning, I decided to go the extra mile and make Matt some pancakes. I even put candles in them. However, blowing the candles out was the only thing he was interested in. After singing “Happy Birthday” about 10 times along with relighting the candles each time I told Matthew no more. He didn’t like that and hit me. So, he started the day with a time out. As I took him to his room he cried and said with sass, “Happy Birthday!” It was a little humorous! After he came out of his “time out” and said sorry he said, “I aunt elno” which translates to “I want oatmeal.” So, after making pancakes he just wanted his usual breakfast! Around 10:00 my sister Heather and niece Rachel came over and brought Matthew the cutest little toy story game! They stayed and played and Matthew had a great time! Next we made a cake together (Matthew loves to “mix” so that was a highlight of the day). Mom came over later to help put it together. After making pancakes and a cake I was worn our (sad I know) so instead of making pizza (like pizza planet on toy story) I just had Darin go buy some. My mom and dad came over for dinner and Ben and Kristy came to drop a present off for Matt and we all just stayed and visited for a while! It was a really fun birthday! Happy #2 little buddy!! I love you so sitnkin much!!
And Lindsay got to meet her cousin Eliza!

Thursday was my sweetheart Darin's birthday!! He made it to the big 3-0!! Can you believe that!!? Man we are getting old! Only 5 more birthdays until I am in his shoes! Darin had a really laid back birthday but it was a fun one!
Here is a video of Darin blowing out his candles! It is amazing the kind of fire you get with 30 candles!!


Brad and Britt said...

Haylee! I am amazed you still pulled off the bday celebrations even while recovering! You amazing woman...not to mention...what an amazing cake maker! I am attempting to make Bode's 1st bday cake and am excited to try and learn...but looking at your cakes makes me realize how FAR i need to go with my baking skills!

Heather said...

So fun to see you guys tonight-even though we missed Lindsay. Her pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

Jena said...

The two of them are so cute together! I love it!

Jadi said...

I was so happy to hear that Matthew is adjusting well!! :)

His birthday turned out really cute, good job!!

I hope Darin had a nice birthday too. Love you guys!!

Adam and Cami said...

Happy Birthday to Darin & Matt! I can't believe Matthew is 2 already! He's so big!

Bonnie and Shad said...

I can't believe all of the things you are doing with a newborn on your hands as well. I think I can appreciate that more than anyone right now. You are amazing!

Annie said...

Haylee, those pictures are so cute! I love how your babies look practically exactly the same! I hope you are starting to feel better and getting more sleep. I just talked to Emily on the phone....I hope things are going okay. We'll be praying for you.

DeAnna Packer said...

Maybe in the next life, we might try a zipper entry...and a turn-off button for sleeping babies??? You are all marvelous!
Happy Birthday to each and everyone.
My, we love you kids!
Auntie DeAnna