Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BABY UPDATE!!...and get your guesses in for the BIG DAY!!

Yesterday was kind of a scary day, I hadn’t felt the baby move for about 24 hours so I gave the doctor a call. I was sure they were just going to say to lie down for an hour and drink some water but instead they sent me straight over to Labor and Delivery. Darin came home early from work, and luckily there weren’t any problems but they monitored me for over an hour just to be safe. What a blessing it was to hear that sweet baby’s heartbeat! I cried when I heard it!! My wonderful sister was so nice to take Matthew with no notice, so I could go and even let Darin and me stay a little longer and enjoy a celebratory lunch!

Today I went in for my regular checkup and I am dilated to a 3, 80% effaced, and -1! The doctor said that I probably have another week left and I can be induced any time after the 18th if I want to. I can’t believe that we will have 2 kids in less than 2 weeks!! Wahoo!! I am soooo excited to meet this little girl!!

I LOVE hearing people’s guesses for when the baby will come! So far my brother Ben and sister in-law Kristy think 1-11-11, my mom and sister Heather are guessing 1-13, and my dad is guessing 1-15. So, when is your guess? You may even get a prize if you are the closest…but no guarantees! My guess is the 15th at 6:01am. (I think that would be a really fun day because then she could share her birthday with BOTH of her Grandpas!)


Eliza said...

SO GLAD to hear that your little girl is safe and healthy, that would be quite the scare!

I'm guessing January 13th because I'm a bit partial to that day, being my anniversary and all.

BUT, don't put much stock in my guess because here I am about one day away from my baby girl's due date and I was totally wrong on my own.

lori said...

I'm guessing the 13th =) Sometime in the late morning so you have have a good night of rest prior to labor (if your having good nights of rest at all these days!!=)

Whenever she comes, we hope all goes well and that her momma knows she has some cousins in Provo who are thinking of her!!

Love you guys and good luck! Can't wait to hear!

Ioana said...

How exciting that you're sooo close!!! My guess is that she'll come this Saturday, the 8th, maybe early morning or early afternoon. Good luck! I hope you'll have an "easy" labor! Can't wait to see pics of the 4 of you!:)

Bonnie and Shad said...

My bet is the 13th too so that she can be exactly a month apart from Jack. Good luck! I hope everything goes well. Having 2 isn't as hard as I thought, but it does help that he sleeps for 90% of the day. Let us know when she comes!

Nathan said...

I'd guess a girl.(I don't like taking risks)

Jadi said...

I am so glad everything turned out well. The same thing happened to me with Kaden and it was scary.

I will guess January 12th.

cj said...

I say tomorrow at 0300. I really think that we should guess how long before her first haircut! (I say 10 days) We are so excited for you - rest and give little Matthew a hug from his favorite "neighbor".

KYoho said...

I will guess January 18th at 3:00pm