Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Last Thursday we decided to welcome the Christmas season in by going on a little "stay home date." (I copied the dating diva's idea). I put some new Christmas sheets in our spare bedroom, cut out some snowflakes, decorated with a Christmas chain, and set up the TV/DVD player that we've had in storage. Then we ate a yummy Christmas dinner off our Christmas china, and then had a cheeseball and eggnog while we watched Elf! (Thanks Ben and Kristy for letting us borrow the movie!!) It was a fun night, and a date that Matthew enjoyed too!!

Friday night we went to my sister Heather's house for a super yummy dinner then off to the Bountiful City Light Parade! Matthew was a little unsure at first, but then he LOVED it, especially once Santa came! After the parade we went back up to Heather's for some hot chocolate with Ben, Kristy, and Eliza! Thanks again Heather!!

We had our ward party on Saturday and Matthew was THRILLED to see Santa, and ran up and gave him a hug and kept saying "Santa! Santa!" However, once it came time for pictures we could NOT get him to smile!

On Sunday Matthew got into a little trouble with some markers! He didn't draw on any walls this time, but he did get himself covered pretty well.

Finally, last night we went to get our tree for FHE!! I am so glad to have it up and it smells AMAZING!!


Ivins Family said...

Haylee, It was fun to see you the other day! You are adorable! I think I need some cooking lessons from you, you always have yummy things posted.

Ioana said...

You are so creative! I can't believe how big Matthew's getting!

rachel said...

As always, your cute family always does the funnest things together!

Annie said...

Oh Matthew looks so cute!! You have a real tree! it looks great.