Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas party with Grandma

Grandma Hodgkinson planned a Christmas party for all of the grandkids. Unfortunately, Matthew got a cold, ear infection, cough, and hives the same week, so he couldn't go to the party. So, mom did a small little party just for Matthew! It was so cute and he had so much fun!

First, they played throw the marshmallows through the snowman, then pin the nose on Rudolf, then they played pin the nose on Grandma/Matthew, then they had a dance party and made cute gingerbread men and cupcakes! Matthew had a blast!! Thanks a million mama!!

Sunday was also a fun day, it once again made me realize that I have the BEST family in the whole wide world. My mom and dad gave us tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert which was absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Thanks so so so much mom and dad!!! Not, only were my parents so nice to give us the tickets, but my brother Ben and sister-in-law Kristy were so nice to drive us out there, then Ben dropped us off right at the conference center, and then it was pouring rain, so Kristy stood in line and let Darin and I go wait where we would stay dry!! Thanks so much you two!! We owe you BIG time!! Last, not only were mom and dad nice to give us the tickets, Ben and Kristy so nice to give such service in keeping us healthy, but my sister Heather and brother in law Greg watched Matthew while we went. Then, when we got back late they took him to church with them!! Here is the amazing thing, Heather has 4 girls, and I didn’t bring ANY church clothes for Matt, but she managed to get him dressed and ready for church and even matched the other girls!! It was so cute!! Here is the outfit Heather pulled off from her girl’s clothes!! I think she did pretty well!! Thanks again dad, mom, Ben, Kristy, Heather, and Greg! We love you all!!

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