Monday, December 13, 2010

Another fun weekend at the Gunnerson household!

Thursday Darin and I went on a date to his work party! Always fun to be with him and get a night out! Thanks mom and dad for watching Matt!! We went to Noah’s in South Jordan and Darin’s company rents out the whole building. We started out with a super yummy dinner, then they have all kinds of games (pool, rockband, ping pong, shuffle board, arcade games, chess, backgammon, etc.) ice-skating on the roof, theaters throughout (with really comfy chairs), dancing, and gambling. I beat Darin in arcade bowling, but other than that I think he wasted me on everything else (although we didn’t do any gambling)

Friday we had a little Hanukah celebration (even though Hanukah ended the day before) we ate latkes and jelly doughnuts and played dreidel (which mostly turned into a blowing the dreidel with Matthew—but he had fun!)

Later that night we went out to Layton park to see the lights. Matthew LOVED getting to sit in the front seat and sitting on my lap! He kept saying, “Oooo….what’s that!?” and we’d say something like, “It’s a kangaroo.” And he’d say “a garoo? WOW!” It was so cute! I love this talking stage!!

Saturday I went back down to my old college town (Provo) for a shower for my dear friend Bridget! Six years ago we took a picture of ourselves to see what we’d look like pregnant, and now 6 year later we are both prego and only a day apart! It was also fun to see my old roomies Lindsay and Jessica. (Jessica is also expecting in April).

Here is our fake prego picture from 6 years ago:

Here is our up to date prego picture:

Bridget, me, Jessica, and Lindsay:


Savannah said...

Aww! How fun to see you all together! I'm a few weeks behind all of you, but I think it's hilarious we're all pregnant at the same time! Wish I could have been there to celebrate Bridget's baby!

Angie and J.D. said...

I just think the picture of you two pretending to be pregnant is hilarious! And to be due one day apart is just so fun! We'll have to go check out the lights!! Looks like a lot of fun! :D Oh, have I told you I think you're wonderwoman? I can barely get dinner on the table, and do this amazing theme dinner with games and all...

Jena said...

Love the pregnancy pictures!