Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lucky Haylee!!

I really feel like I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! Last weekend Darin took me to the Opera!! My mom said, "How in the world did you convince him to take you to the opera?" But, it was 100% Darin's idea! he surprised me with the tickets, and it was a wonderful date night! I thought it was going to be really long, but I was amazed at how quickly 3+ hours went by! The opera was la Boehm and it was beautiful! One of my favorite parts was seeing the people that came wearing fancy outfits! Lots of men in tuxedos and women wearing gloves, sparkly dresses, etc. It was like going to prom for old people! Thanks mom and dad for watching Matt all night, and thanks Darin for being the best husband EVER!! That was such a fun date! Here is a picture of us before the opera (my handsome husband, and me large and incharge at 27 weeks).--and is it just me or do I look super short? Or is Darin looking super tall?


Tyrelle said...

So fun!
You look beautiful!

Lisa said...

You are so lucky!! I wish Brandon would take me there someday... haha!
{PS: I am so glad you like the flower :)}

Eliza said...

How sweet, it sounds like you picked a keeper :-D

And bye the way, super cute jacket!

Adam and Cami said...

How fun! Darin's awesome! What a great surprise! And you look great!

DeAnna Packer said...

Moments to remember and embrase! Love you two...perfectly matched in all ways!