Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

We had such a fun Labor Day weekend!! Friday night we got together with some friends (John and Laurie, and Adam and Cami) from our old ward to do a “70’s Night.” What great friends (and what a wonderful husband) I have to put up with my dumb theme night parties! But, it was a BLAST!!! We had some yummy food (fondue, Jalapeno poppers, yummy chips and dip, and “marijuana brownies.”)
Then we played “whipping cream twister” and it was so FUN!! I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time!! Everyone got pretty messy, but I think that poor Laurie got the worst of it though!! What a good sport! Darin brought me goggles just to be funny, but I am glad that he did because they came in handy! After twister we watched “We are Marshal (which took place in the 70’s). It was such a fun night! Thanks again for coming you guys!! Here are a few pictures from the night! Oh and thanks a bunch Heather for the twister game!

Saturday Darin and I went down to Provo for the Story Telling Festival with my parents! It was really fun too!! They had some interesting music to start with and I thought it was going to be weird, but it was really fun, and they had some really great performers!! Darin and I are still laughing about it!! Thanks a ton mom and dad for taking us, and thanks a ton Heather for watching Matthew for us so we could go!

Sunday was pretty much a normal Sunday except I decided to try a new recipe. Is it just me or has “Pho” been everywhere lately? I swear I have heard it like 3 times on TV in the last week so I decided to give it a try. It was pretty good. If you want the recipe it should be on my food blog soon.

Monday we went up to Woodland to see Darin’s brother Rick and family. They were doing a little kids rodeo and it was so fun! Our nephew Luke rode a cow and did a great job! Noah road a sheep and made it across the whole arena! Matthew and Eli ran a little race together, and got a soda for trying! Luke and Noah also chased chickens and a pig, and if they caught it they could take it home! Even though neither caught one, I think they still had a great time! Olivia and especially enjoyed the little shops, and both dream of the day we will have a girl to make cute stuff for! Thanks Rick and Olivia for the fun morning and the yummy lunch!!

Matthew and Eli's Race:

Running after that chicken!

Matthew and Eli:

After Kamas we headed back down to Bountiful for a swim and after mom and dad had us over for dinner!

My favorite part of the pool was Rachel wearing her winter coat over her swim suit!

Oh, and you can’t go to the pool without getting a yummy popsicle from Grandpa!


Jadi said...


You make life so fun!! I love it! :) I am glad you guys had a fun holiday weekend.

Adam and Cami said...

I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE your night themed parties! I will come anytime! We had so much fun! Adam's not a real social-guy who loves stuff like I do, but he had such a good time too! You just make things so much fun! Thanks so much for such a fun night! Oh, and do you think you could possibly email me those pictures from the 70's night?

Lisa said...

I am so sad we weren't able to make it! It looks like you guys had a blast!!! Matthew is growing up so dang fast. What a handsome boy!! :)