Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!! Hope everyone had a good one!! We sure did, but we were also super busy!! Friday Darin's parents flew in from the Philippines and will be staying with us this July (and so will Darin's brother Tom--so our house is the party house this month!!) I made this fun cake in honor of the fourth!! I was really happy with how it turned out, and it was really fun to make!! If you want to know how to do it, I will add the directions to my food blog soon.
And here is a little video of the cutting of the cake. I love how my family is so nice to me! Also, I didn't know that Greg was making this video with his phone other wise I would have shown the camera.

Saturday morning Darin, Matthew, and I headed out to our ward breakfast. Darin's scouts did a great job presenting the colors, raising a flag, and retiring an old flag. My primary kids did a cute job playing "My Country Tis of Thee" on the chimes. We had a fun time! Next we went to my Aunt Charlene's house for our traditional 4th breakfast! It is really my favorite meal of the year!! The kids had fun playing red light green light, and Matthew had loads of fun running around with his dad! Next, the rest of the family headed to the pool for a swim, but Matthew desperately needed a nap so Darin and Matthew went home and I headed to our Stake baptism. After the baptism we headed to my sister Heather's house for some yummy lunch, popsicles, chalk drawing, painting toe-nails, and an intense game of rock band!! Saturday night we headed up the Cabin and stayed through Monday. It is always so beautiful up at the cabin and we always have such a good time. Matthew was playing in the dirt and threw a handful, and it came right back and hit him in the face! Monday morning we went to the Oakley Rodeo. If you like candy, that is a good parade to go to!! The little kids got so much candy! It was really fun!! Matthew loved all of the horses! After the parade we went for a fun and beautiful ride back to the cabin!! Monday night we headed back to Bountiful, and ended the weekend by watching fireworks!! I LOVE fireworks!! Probably my favorite part of all the patriotic celebrations!!


Jadi said...

It looks like you guys had a fun 4th of July! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. We love and miss you guys!

Angie and J.D. said...

How fun!! That is the most amazing cake I've ever seen & it was so cute how your family was all singing :D Let me know if you want to go swimming, walking, to the park, ect! I miss you!

Lisa said...

Wow! What a fun weekend! Your cake turned out great! We used that for Elisabeth's Birthday cake-haha! It is an awesome idea!!! :) Were you intimidated cutting it and putting it together? We still need to plan a get together one of these days :)