Wednesday, May 12, 2010


None of these things are all that exciting, but here are a few random things in our lives right now:

First, Darin got his 1st haircut from me!! I was a little nervous, but mom helped me out, and I think that it went all right! I have cut probably 4 other people's hair, but this was my first time for Darin--I have a lot of practice ahead of me!

Second, our bleeding heart plant has gotten HUGE!!! I LOVE it!! And our tulips are so pretty too!! They are all yellow and pink--my two favorite colors!!

Last, I still think that Matthew is the cutest kid on the planet!!

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Sarah and Alex said...

Hey I cut Alex's hair too. It saves us a lot of money, but as you learn you'll have to give me tips too. I'm still not that great at it. Even after more than two years of doing it! And oh my gosh that is hilarious matthew threw up! You'll have to show me the video! :)