Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Race for the Cure

This last weekend I did the “Race for the Cure.” I was really excited because I beat my best time by six minutes!! (However, I could still stand to take off a lot more), but, I was still really happy!

I ran on my sister-in-law Kristy’s team! We ran in honor of her mother, Kris Bott. I never knew Kristy’s mom, but I know a lot of people who do know her mom, and every single one has LOVED Kristy’s mom!! Even though I have never met her, I love her mom just because she did such a great job raising Kristy, and her sister Jess…(as well as the other siblings that I am starting to get to know). They are both such amazing people, and my brother Ben is sure lucky to be married to Kristy!! I am really looking forward to the day that I get to meet her beautiful and wonderful mother!

It was nice to be greeted by my little trainer!! (AKA-Matthew!)

Darin was an absolute sweetheart and came to watch me finish! He also got me an ipod shuffle for mother's day and gave it to me early so I could have it for the race!

There were a TON of people there!

Kristy, me, and Ben

Me on the phone trying to find Darin, and there he is taking a picture of me!


Kristy said...

You are so sweet! Your pics are so cute. But more pictures of me until after Eliza is born!!!

Shauna and Sam said...

Hay! I love the pics from the shower. What a fun day! It was so good to be there with you all and have our moms too. You and your mom did such an awesome job! Way to go on your race! It looks like it was an exciting least to me, but I think racing is exciting :) Matthew just gets cuter all the time!

Barefoot Queen said...

Great pictures!! Your little boy is adorable!! Do you live in Bountiful?! If so- where! We could play!