Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonderful Weekend…and a big change!!

This weekend was so fun!! First off, the weather has been absolutely beautiful!! I am loving it!! It makes me hope that I never have to get one of these

Because I have these

These are some of the views I can find on one of my runs! I am ready to get back into a regular running habit again…and thinking about signing up for some upcoming races this summer!

The great weekend started off by going to the Sundance Sale with my mom, sister Heather, sister-in-law Kristy, and met my brother Rick, his wife Heather in at the sale. Heather’s mom and sister were there too, and they are loads of fun!! What a fun group!! If you have ever seen “Confessions of a Shopaholic” (love that movie), it kind of reminds me of one of those sales, where people line up at the door, then everyone runs in. Because that is just what happens! Everyone seemed to get some really cute things, but I have to admit, that I LOVE my stuff!! I got this cute sweater:

and 6 other darling new pieces for my wardrobe!! I am so excited!!

Saturday we spent the day working in the yard!! Boy!! Darin has sure done a great job!! When we bought the house our yard was TERRIBLE!!! Darin had to mow the lawn 4 times to even get it down to a manageable length. You couldn’t even tell where the flower beds were because they were covered in weeds and grass. Now, Darin has cleared the weeds and grass out, planted two kinds of peas, planted a peach tree, and has other big plans for the rest of the yard. Here are a few pictures of the little cutie that helped us in the yard!

That night Darin and I dropped Matthew off at my parents house (thanks mom and dad for babysitting!!) and we went to Chili’s for dinner and came home and watched a movie! (Thank you Grandma for the gift card!! We loved it….and will love it again!!)

Sunday was the “big change” day. I just got called to be the new Primary President in my ward. I am really nervous, especially because I have NEVER had a calling in the primary before! I have had pretty much the same calling…for the past 6 years!!! I have been in 5 different Relief Society Presidencies and that is it! The last time I was in primary was when I was actually IN primary!! (12 years ago!!) So, for all of you out there who have ANY kind of advice for me…PLEASE send it my way!! I know I will also be looking for constant advice from my sister who also just got called to be Primary President, and especially doing some major relying on the Lord, and LOTS AND LOTS of prayer!! (Man, is it just me or was General Conference directed totally towards me and me only!!?) I am also really lucky in that fact that I have two wonderful councilors and an excellent secretary and I am looking forward to working with them!

Sunday night we had my parents and grandpa and grandma over for dinner!! It was sure fun to have them! So, that pretty much sums up the weekend! It was a busy one but a really fun one too!! But, I guess we better get used to busy between my new calling and Darin being Scout Master, I think things will be pretty hectic!! Now we just need July to come so Matthew can go to nursrey!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wonderful Easter Weekend!!

What a wonderful Easter weekend!! Friday night we dyed Easter eggs. (That is always so fun!!) We woke up on Saturday morning and the Easter Bunny had brought us our baskets! Matthew was the 1st to find them! Then, the Easter Bunny brought Darin a new peach tree, and he brought me a beautiful Easter Lilly!! Then we enjoyed the first session of General Conference!! (Wasn’t it wonderful!!?) Then between sessions we went up to my parent’s house for brunch, and an Easter Party!! The girls had a blast!! Mom let them decorate Easter bonnets, go on an egg hunt, and have an Easter Parade! Matthew even got a new bat and ball (which he loves). Sunday we enjoyed Conference again and were with the family once more for Easter dinner (which was fabulous!!) Mom was so nice and sat with all the grandkids in one room and let all the adults sit in the other! What a gem! Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy April Fools Day!!!

I LOVE April Fools Day!! This year I attempted and failed several times. But, my family sure got me!! Yesterday I went to this cute little shop with my sister and sister-in-law. They have darling children's books, toys, clothes, and amazing cupcakes!! For those of you that know me, know that I am a little frugal! Before I went my mom warned me that the cupcakes are kind of expensive! (Like $3.00 per cupcake). Well, when I finally chose my cupcake the lady said, "Ok, that will be $8.97" I didn't say anything, but in my head I was like, "Are you kidding me!!? 9 bucks for a cupcake!!?" Then the lady said, "Are you sure you want to buy four, because that will be like $34?" I turned to my sisters and said, "Do you guys just want to share one?" Kristy said, "No, they are just so cute I want my own." I said, "Heather do you want to share?" She said, "No, I better get my own because I have to share with my girls." So I turned back to the lady and handed her my card. Then everyone started laughing and said "April Fools!" What a fun trick! Heather had gone in earlier that day and talked to the lady about over-charging me! It was really fun though! And the cupcakes were delicious!! Thanks Heather for buying all of ours, and executing mom's plan!

Later that day I was on the phone with my grandma telling her the story of what had happend. But my phone was about to die, so I had to talk to her in my room with my phone plugged in. I heard Matthew making noise and when I came back this is what I found!

(Matthew pulling all the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher).

That night I let Darin eat "Dessert" for dinner (mini meat loafs with mashed potatoes and food coloring to look like cupcakes). And "dinner" for dessert (gummy worms, fruit by the foot, and rice crispy treats to look like sushi). Darin really loved the meatloafs!! He had 6 "cupcakes."