Monday, March 8, 2010

Dog-on good time!

So far, Matthew knows 5 words…Dada, Hay-ee (That one always makes me laugh…we’re still working on mama), Why?, Hi, and DOG! Matthew really does LOVE dogs! He always makes a barking sound when we see them. Last night my aunt, uncle and cousins brought over these two adorable things! Needless to say, they were quite the hit!

...and can I just say that I love how our family has like 20 conversations going on at once, and you can't even follow one!! Love my fam!! Thanks mom and dad for the FABULOUS SUNDAY DINNERS!!!


Rosalee said...

I love that Matthew says Haylee! It makes me feel better! William still doesn't really call me mommy. He can say it and will say it when I am gone. He does however say Rose. I don't think he's calling me Rose though. He usually yells it out, so I'm guessing he thinks it is just something that you say loudly.

Sarah and Alex said...

That is so crazy! Sounds like a fun bunch to be with. :) Kyle got licked in the face once by a dog and he's kept his distance since. That's awesome that Matthew can say all those words!

Julie said...

Okay you've got to get with Whit and let Matthew play with the pugs. He'd adore them. Love the blog and you guys.

DeAnna Packer said...

Oh my.... I forgot how to get to your blog.... (It is through Heather's Blog)
Loving that family stuff. Such joyous times!!!

Heath stopped by yesterday and had your little Matthew... What a cutie. You remind me of our Lori...enjoying each and every 'naughty-and nice' experience of life. So good! Love you