Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vroom Vroom

I am absolutely amazed at the way kids learn things! How and where did Matthew learn to make a car noise? I think it is so cute!! He does it every time he plays with a car. On a side note….does anyone recognize this car? Matthew found it in our living room and I don’t think it is ours.


Sarah said...

It's a boy thing. It's just there when they are born! He will also learn to make guns out of toys with all the sounds even if he's never seen a gun before. Or swords or some sort of weapon. :) it's just a boy thing!!

Adam and Cami said...

That's so cute, and he is so smart to make such a great car noise! And guess what? That is Cole's car! We must have left it there when we were there at AP's shower a couple months ago!!! haha! But Matthew can totally keep it, cause we got it at the dollar store, so it's no big deal, and he seems to really enjoy it!!!!