Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Valentine Post

Darin did FANTASTIC this year!! I dare say best Valentine's ever!! It started on Friday when he came home from work and brought me these:

Come on...what girl wouldn't LOVE two dozen roses and a box of chocolates!? They were super delish!

Saturday we went to a Valentine's Dance, and we had a great time!! (Thank you mom and dad for babysitting so we could go!)--Pictures to come.

Sunday Morning we had heart shaped blueberry pancakes, then that night Darin made me dinner! Super yummy! But, no the fun did not stop on Valentine's Day. Monday I woke up to Darin bringing me breakfast in bed again!! I love you Darin!! You are the BEST!!!

Oh, and I did give Darin this rake! (I tried to make it a little more romantic by puting cheese notes on it.)


Shauna and Sam said...

What fun and what a sweet hubby you have. Your roses were beautiful! I'm sad to say that we didn't really celebrate Valentines this year; we kind of spaced it. Anyway I'm so excited for you guys getting to go to the Philippines....awesome! You will definitely need to post about that :)

Annie said...

What a fun day...days!! That's great you went to a dance! I love the rake, too.

Jadi said...

You guys make everything so fun! Darin is such a sweet husband. I was happy to hear that Darin and Matthew both had fun birthdays. I promised myself I was going to remember birthdays this year and so far I am not doing a good job. I think I will set some time aside next week to work on a plan.
We love you guys!!!