Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I had the most wonderful birthday yesterday!! I woke up and Darin gave me the most wonderful massage and breakfast. Is there any better way to start the day!!? Then we went outside and had handstand, jumping, and cartwheel contests.

Mom even got in on the action!

Mom came down and brought me my new birthday clothes!! She even changed a stinky Matthew diaper while she was here! Thanks mama!! Then Dad and Mom took us out to a yummy thai restuarant, Thai Siam. Sooo good! And the menu was my favorite part!! It was crackin me up!! Here are a few of the things from the menu:

If Jimmy Buffet had ever visited Thailand, he’d have written a song about our coconut soup.

You don’t often see coconut milk and potatoes sharing top billing, (they’re notoriously jealous of each other) but be glad they set aside their differences and came together for this delicious yellow curry dish.

If this soup were poetry, it would be a haiku: Five Thai spices, Seven chunks of roasted pork, Five flavors to love. (Check it, yes, that’s actually a haiku – and oh yes, the soup is good).

When the owner of a delicious Thai restaurant hints that this delicious broccolli and chicken stir-fry with creamy oyster sauce and subtle hints of garlic is possibly his favorite dish out of all the delicious things on this delicious menu, it’s a good bet this dish will be … delicious.

Thanks mom and dad for the delicious lunch!! And thanks for taking Matthew out when he was being naughty!

The night continued and mom and dad came over for pizza, cake, and we watched two movies! Darin gave me a Wilton Cake Decorating Set for my birthday from Sur La Table! I LOVE IT!
It was an absolutely wonderful day!! Thank you to everyone who sent cards, gifts, emails, facebook, and phone calls! You are all the greatest!! Love you all!


lori said...

Happy Birthday, cuz!!
Glad you had a fun, wonderful day! Your cake is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what else you create! And that Thai food looks YUM too!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Haylee! You guys are hilarious. Love the handstands. And of course you can post that recipe. My mom tried it last night too and they all loved it. I love orange chicken but just hated the calories. So this is a tad bit healthier. Perfect. Love your new house too, by the way.


Kristy said...

Happy day! I might need to see/steal your cake decorating set...

Nancy said...

Happy birthday indeed! Your pink cake is so pretty!