Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Darin!!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!! We got to celebrate Darin's Birthday! It was weird because all the decorations for Matthew's birthday, magically changed to celebrate Darin's Birthday!!

When Darin came home from work my mom and dad took us out to Texas Road House! mmmm!! Delish! Thanks mom and dad! Matthew loved it too...he kept blowing bubbles in our drinks with the straw!

After dinner we came home and had ice-cream cake!! Darin had to blow out 29 candles! Getting old!!
Happy Birthday Darin!! We sure love you!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Matthew's 1st Birthday!!

Matthew turned 1 yesterday!! What a fun year it has been!! We had a great day yesterday, and last night we had a fun party!! We did a Sesame Street themed party and we had a great time, but I may have gone a little overboard with my decorations. My parents, Grandpa and Grandma Welling, Ben, Kristy, Heather, Greg, Becca, Ellie, Sarah, and Rachel all came to Matthew’s party. It was really nice of them to come and Matthew sure loves them all!! We played two games “Dorothy fell out of her fishbowl,” (the girls (and Grandpa) had to try throwing a beanbag gold fish into a fishbowl from different places around the room), and “Guess how many cookies are in Cookie Monster’s jar.” My sister won! She guessed 229 and there were 227 (my lucky number). It was a great night! Here are a few pictures:

Ben was our live entertainment and kept balancing a chair on his chin! Pretty impressive!

After visiting in the family room I heard my nieces giggling so I went into the kitchen to find this:

I guess I deserve that because on Sunday I ate all the recess peanut butter cups off my sister’s cupcakes.

For Matthew's Birthday we got him a pet goldfish!! (Like Elmo's pet goldfish Dorothy). I think he loves is...see what you think.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Reading Matthew!

Matthew LOVES to read!! Here are two videos of Matthew "reading." In both videos he is reading 10 tiny tadpoles! It is his favorite book!!

Luckiest Girl In the WORLD!!

For those of you who don't like when blogs turn to brags...stop reading here!! Yesterday I woke up to my wonderful husband bringing me breakfast in bed!! What a surprise!! Not my birthday, mother's day, or anything else! Just a wonderful Sabbath morning!! He made me an omelet, bacon, hash browns, and hot chocolate!! HOW LUCKY AM I!!!? Thanks a ton Darin!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! Love your guts!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sugar Lips Matthew!

This morning I heard Matthew making happy little noises. When I went looking for him I found him in the kitchen. He had pulled himself up to the pantry, opened the door, and started sucking on the ledge that was covered in powdered sugar! Here is a little video for your pleasure! Sorry for the bad camera work, and sorry it is so dark!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Campout

Last night we went on a fun family campout!! (It was very similar to our other vacations in the fact that it took place in our basement!) We had the perfect campsite complete with a fire pit (or fireplace) right outside our tent!! We ate hotdogs over the fire and we had smores! Last night Matthew tried his 1st hot dog!! He LOVED it and ate TWO!! This morning we woke up and had homemade cinnamon rolls (yesterday I made 83!!!) Matthew wasn't too fond of the sleeping bags so he went to the campsite (upstairs) and slept in his crib...we stayed downstairs until 3:00am before we slept in our own bed too. Oh!! We also saw a bear!! Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Matthew's First Sliegh Ride!!

This has to be the cutest picture I own!! My two boys!! They are both so cute!! Matthew liked being pulled around the backyard in his new sled, however going down the little hill was a little more scary!!