Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Friday night we went up to my parents house for a yummy dinner and we did the Christmas Nativity. Matthew had a big role this year...Joseph!! (He is the only boy among 7 soon to be 8 granddaughters!!)

Darin left during the Nativity to go get his brother Tom! We were so glad that Tom could fly in and spend Christmas with us! After dinner we came home and we got into our matching p.j.'s that I made this year! Matthew and I ended the night by making some cookies and setting them out for Santa. Matthew LOVES to mix!! Everyday he points to the kitchen aid and says, "I mix!"

I LOVED Christmas this year!! Oh how I love being mama to this cute little Matthew!! He was so excited for Santa to come, and I think he understood it enough to really love it! Matthew loved finding the plate of empty cookies knowing that Santa ate them! He also loved opening his presents! Santa could have just given Matt one toy and he still would have been thrilled!! His two favorites were his blocks and his cars. It was such a fun morning!! Darin and I had a great Christmas too!! Santa got everything on my list, and most of Darin's too!! Darin's favorite gifts were his new drill and new razor. I was most excited for my new shoes, slippers, boots, and pot! Santa even magically got me a new iron since ours broke 2 days before Christmas! Tom got a little left our for Christmas, but Santa did remember him too!

After we opened our presents Matt, Darin, and Tom went out to try out Darin's new basketball. Matthew LOVED playing basketball with the big boys!

We also had fun building towers with Matthew's new blocks.

The next part of the day we spent at my aunt Kathy's house for our yummy Christmas breakfast!! Every year we have breakfast casserole, grapefruit, cinnamon rolls, juice and chocolate milk!! Oh it is sure a yummy breakfast and it is so fun to be with all my cousins!! This year we had a smaller group but it was still very fun!

After Kathy's we went to my mom's house to open our Christmas presents from them! Matthew LOVES his new tiger from grandpa and grandma!!

While the kids played with their new toys the adults played the BEST game EVER!! Have you seen the new tv show million dollar money drop? Well, we played my dad's version of that!! We each got $20 in quarters and we had different questions we had to answer just like the show, and we had to put them into bowls A B or C just like the show. The only difference was that any money that you "lost" went into a big bowl and the winner got to take all the money...up to $80!! Darin, Tom and I were on a team, and we lost, but it was still SOOOO much fun!! Thanks mom and dad!! We spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating, watching our new movie, playing games, and getting ready for our Gunnerson Christmas party. I really think that this was the BEST Christmas EVER!!!

Christmas didn't end on Saturday because we were able to have the Gunnerson Christmas party Sunday night! It was so fun to have all the family together, but we really missed mom and dad! This was the first time that we have had all of the boys together since our wedding, and the first time with all the boys, their wives and kids in my whole married life!! Our house was pretty full, but it was lots of fun! We had a delicious dinner (thanks to EVERYONE for all your help!!!) and then we opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa Gunnerson while we talked to them via skype! Thanks mom and dad for all the WONDERFUL presents!! We loved them ALL!!! Next the grandkids exchanged gifts to each other and they loved that too!! It was nice to sit, visit, and catch up with everyone!!

Eating dinner:

The cookies I made for the grandkids:

Our Crazy full basement, and talking to Grandpa and Grandma on Skype:

The 6 Gunnerson boys:

All the Grandkids (and two on the way):

All of the girls:

The whole family:


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Update!!

Went to the doctor today and baby girl is head down, I’m dilated to a 2, and she could technically come anytime!! Wahoo!! She’s almost here!! I can’t wait to see this little one!! It will still probably be a few more weeks but I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas party with Grandma

Grandma Hodgkinson planned a Christmas party for all of the grandkids. Unfortunately, Matthew got a cold, ear infection, cough, and hives the same week, so he couldn't go to the party. So, mom did a small little party just for Matthew! It was so cute and he had so much fun!

First, they played throw the marshmallows through the snowman, then pin the nose on Rudolf, then they played pin the nose on Grandma/Matthew, then they had a dance party and made cute gingerbread men and cupcakes! Matthew had a blast!! Thanks a million mama!!

Sunday was also a fun day, it once again made me realize that I have the BEST family in the whole wide world. My mom and dad gave us tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert which was absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Thanks so so so much mom and dad!!! Not, only were my parents so nice to give us the tickets, but my brother Ben and sister-in-law Kristy were so nice to drive us out there, then Ben dropped us off right at the conference center, and then it was pouring rain, so Kristy stood in line and let Darin and I go wait where we would stay dry!! Thanks so much you two!! We owe you BIG time!! Last, not only were mom and dad nice to give us the tickets, Ben and Kristy so nice to give such service in keeping us healthy, but my sister Heather and brother in law Greg watched Matthew while we went. Then, when we got back late they took him to church with them!! Here is the amazing thing, Heather has 4 girls, and I didn’t bring ANY church clothes for Matt, but she managed to get him dressed and ready for church and even matched the other girls!! It was so cute!! Here is the outfit Heather pulled off from her girl’s clothes!! I think she did pretty well!! Thanks again dad, mom, Ben, Kristy, Heather, and Greg! We love you all!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another fun weekend at the Gunnerson household!

Thursday Darin and I went on a date to his work party! Always fun to be with him and get a night out! Thanks mom and dad for watching Matt!! We went to Noah’s in South Jordan and Darin’s company rents out the whole building. We started out with a super yummy dinner, then they have all kinds of games (pool, rockband, ping pong, shuffle board, arcade games, chess, backgammon, etc.) ice-skating on the roof, theaters throughout (with really comfy chairs), dancing, and gambling. I beat Darin in arcade bowling, but other than that I think he wasted me on everything else (although we didn’t do any gambling)

Friday we had a little Hanukah celebration (even though Hanukah ended the day before) we ate latkes and jelly doughnuts and played dreidel (which mostly turned into a blowing the dreidel with Matthew—but he had fun!)

Later that night we went out to Layton park to see the lights. Matthew LOVED getting to sit in the front seat and sitting on my lap! He kept saying, “Oooo….what’s that!?” and we’d say something like, “It’s a kangaroo.” And he’d say “a garoo? WOW!” It was so cute! I love this talking stage!!

Saturday I went back down to my old college town (Provo) for a shower for my dear friend Bridget! Six years ago we took a picture of ourselves to see what we’d look like pregnant, and now 6 year later we are both prego and only a day apart! It was also fun to see my old roomies Lindsay and Jessica. (Jessica is also expecting in April).

Here is our fake prego picture from 6 years ago:

Here is our up to date prego picture:

Bridget, me, Jessica, and Lindsay:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Last Thursday we decided to welcome the Christmas season in by going on a little "stay home date." (I copied the dating diva's idea). I put some new Christmas sheets in our spare bedroom, cut out some snowflakes, decorated with a Christmas chain, and set up the TV/DVD player that we've had in storage. Then we ate a yummy Christmas dinner off our Christmas china, and then had a cheeseball and eggnog while we watched Elf! (Thanks Ben and Kristy for letting us borrow the movie!!) It was a fun night, and a date that Matthew enjoyed too!!

Friday night we went to my sister Heather's house for a super yummy dinner then off to the Bountiful City Light Parade! Matthew was a little unsure at first, but then he LOVED it, especially once Santa came! After the parade we went back up to Heather's for some hot chocolate with Ben, Kristy, and Eliza! Thanks again Heather!!

We had our ward party on Saturday and Matthew was THRILLED to see Santa, and ran up and gave him a hug and kept saying "Santa! Santa!" However, once it came time for pictures we could NOT get him to smile!

On Sunday Matthew got into a little trouble with some markers! He didn't draw on any walls this time, but he did get himself covered pretty well.

Finally, last night we went to get our tree for FHE!! I am so glad to have it up and it smells AMAZING!!