Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yes, we are still alive!! Life has been super crazy busy, but it has been great!! We have moved into our home and we have made quite a few changes. It has been amazing to work on this house and see it transform into our home. We have been so blessed with such wonderful people in our family who have helped us so much!! Darin has been working his head off at his new job, then comes home and works his head off for me!! What a sweetheart!! My mom has been at our house round the clock for the last month working like a mad woman!! She is amazing! She has the strength of a ten men—and seems to get in 48 hours of work in every 12 hours she spends with us! My sister Heather has been either working at our house or babysitting Matthew so that we could work and bringing me lunch! She has been an angel! My dad has been the bomb!! He has been so nice to make meals for us every night for nearly a month, watching Matthew, at helping us with tile, and moving in! Darin’s brothers Rick and Tom have also been helping a ton—letting us use their tools, and helping install baseboards and casings, and helping us move in!! My brothers Rick, Ben, and Greg also helped us move in, and Kristy babysat Matthew the whole day! Thanks a MILLION to all of you and everyone else who has been such a help to us the last 4+ weeks!!! You’re all the BEST!!!!

When we bought the house the people who lived there before were DEFINITELY not afraid of colors!! (As you will soon see!!) They also were big cat fans, and the house REEKED of urine and feces! It was pretty nasty!! We ripped out the carpet (which was also in both bathrooms) scrubbed the floor with some chemical cleaner stuff, but is was still pretty bad! We used a black light to see where the problem areas were, and that was pretty gross by itself! We used KILZ and that did the job!! Wahoo!! Mom also found some poop underneath the stairs and filled half a garbage can full of poop!! YUCK!!

Now, the moment you have been waiting for…..The BEFORE PICTURES!!!!!


Here are some of the pictures of us working! We ripped out the carpet (as mentioned earlier), ripped out the baseboards and casings, , added new baseboards and new casings, painted those, masked everything, painted everything, tiled the bathrooms and the kitchen, and several other things as well. It was really frustrating because it seemed like for every step forward we took we also took 10 steps back!! But, we are pretty much there! We have a few little jobs left to do, but nothing too demanding!


And last, but not least…..the final product!!!


Living Room



Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

2nd Bedroom (Matthew's Bedroom)

3rd Bedroom (Matthew's Office)

3rd Bedroom (Darin's Office)

4th Bedroom (Matthew's Next Bedroom)

5th Bedroom (Weight room for now)

3rd Bathroom

Family Room

Family/Dinning Room


The End!!