Thursday, March 26, 2009

What are your easter traditions?

Now that Matthew is here, I am looking forward to starting some family traditions. Darin and I have talked about some of the things that our familys did for Easter, Darin's family did an egg hunt, and my family had to follow a piece of yarn to find our basket. My mom would also make us an Easter dress every year, and we'd get new shoes too! But I would love to hear some more ideas! So, what are your easter traditions?


Mary and Adam said...

The "Easter Bunny" always hid our Easter baskets somewhere in the house, so we had to find it. Each of our baskets (8 kids) was wrapped in a different color cellophane so we'd know which was ours. I remember a few years when mine was in the dryer. Good times!

Bridget said...

My mom always made a basket for each of us filled with goodies, but my favorite part was that inside our basket she always had a new book for each of us. It was almost more exciting to see what book we would get than what candy. I loved how each one was picked out for us personally! Wow, I am getting excited for Easter this year just thinking about this all :)

Sophie said...

We would also get an Easter dress every year (and even hats when we were younger!). Those were always fun to wear to church.

My favorite Easter tradition was that my mom read this book, The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, to us every Easter eve. It is a beautiful book, and it appears to be back in print:

I'd highly recommend it for wee little Matthew!

Jadi said...

I have continued to do the same thing my parents did. The Easter Bunny would always hide our colored eggs that we left in the fridge. We would have to find all of our eggs that were hidden around the house. After we collected all of our eggs we got to read the first clue. We followed the clues to find our Easter Baskets. They were always hidden in the dryer, bathtub or somewhere like that. We also buy our kids Easter outfits.