Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bowling Fun!

We had a good time last weekend up in Heber bowling with Rick, Olivia, Thom, Luke, Noah, and Eli! Darin won both games! The first game he scored a 196!! Way to go Darin!! Here is a cute picture of me and Darin modeling some classic bowling shoes:

A few more cute pictures from the night:

And last, my favorite, Darin attempting a 7th strike!


Ellen and Cameron said...

You must always be the photographer b/c I haven't seen a cute baby bump yet! I hope your feeling well... Post some pictures of the belly!

Marleen said...

We just recently went bowling too. Great things happen when you go out bowling. I was bowling when I first hung out with Spencer. :)

The Gunnerson Family said...

Thanks for the fun! It was a fun time to get together. I am also glad you were there to witness my first game over 100. Does it count since we had the gutter guards up?