Saturday, December 20, 2008

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

I love Christmas!! Here are few pictures of some of our Christmas decorations! Darin and I found this tree for $13! What a steal! The Christmas tree ornaments are all from my Grandpa Welling!

Mom helped me set up this cute garland/ribbon around the door!

She also helped me make this cute wreath that matches our tree! Thanks for your help mom!


McKenzie said...

Haylee! So darling! I love the tree and the ornaments! And that wreath is gorgeous!

Hey - I saw your 34 weeks on your counter thing, you're getting so close! When are you due? Congratulations!

Taylor and Sophie said...

Haylee! It was so nice to see you at church, You look so adorable pregnant! I can't believe you are almost done, time flies... Are you all ready for your sweet baby? We should totally get together and go baby shopping! Your tree looks so cute by the way! Where do you guys live, I don't even know?