Thursday, November 20, 2008

Luck be a lady!

I have been on a luck streak lately! On Monday I won a radio contest, and got 4 tickets to go see the early showing of Twilight! On Tuesday I won a drawing from a teacher's night at Costco and won some balsamic vinegar and bread! Tuesday night I took my mom and my sister to go see the movie, but unfortunately they gave out more tickets than they had seats so we didn't get to see it! Bummer. But, they did take pictures of us (hence the picture above) and gave us Twilight bracelets and stickers.


Shauna and Sam said...

Awesome that you won the tickets even if you didn't get to see it yet. I'm going tonight! I hope it's good.

AB said...

Lame-o that you won tickets and there weren't enough seats!

Way to win stuff! That would be nice. How are you feeling? Is your belly getting bigger? Let's see a picture!