Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy Weekend

What a weekend! It was busy but wonderful. Friday was Grandma's funeral, which went very well. All of Darin's brother's came in town, so it was a nice reunion. It was fun to see everyone, and get to spend some time together.

After the funeral, I went up to Logan for my friend since 1st grade's bridal shower. It was fun to see all of my friends, and to catch up.

Saturday we spent some more time with Darin's family, watched the U and BYU games, and I went to another shower. That night we went to the "Welling" family party up in the canyon! It was beautiful up there!

Darin and Ellie

The salad I took (recipe at

Me and Darin

Grandma Great

On Tuesday, Darin's Grandma passed away. She was a wonderful woman, and we will miss her very much. I am so thankful for her example in the past year that I have known her. She was always so willing to share her testimony and she lived it. I am so thankful to her for raising such a wonderful daughter, my mother-in-law. And that wonderful posterity has continued as she raised a wonderful son, Darin. I feel very blessed to have married into such an amazing family! Thursday was the viewing, and Friday was the funeral. I thought that the funeral went very well and everyone did an excellent job. It was sweet to hear all of Darin's wonderful memories of Grandma. It makes me more excited to start our family, and hopefully continue some of the wonderful traditions she did with her family. We will miss her very much! Here are a few more pictures from the funeral:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blast from the Past

Yes, I was wasting a lot of time, but I thought this was pretty funny. I did this on enjoy!!

These are pics of Darin from 1950, 1956, 1980, 1994

Here are pics of me from 1952, 1966, and 1990

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby...and belly update!

We are half way there!! Wahhoo!! We are so excited to see this little guy!! I went in for another ultra sound this week and I got to see some REALLY good pictures of him!! It was so cute, one time he was covering his face, and the ultrasound technician said,"move your hands baby, we want to see your face." Then, our baby moved his arms away from his face, and waved!!! ha ha!! It was so funny!! The lady said, "Wow! That is one cooperative baby!" His lip looks great, his bladder is full-which means he knows how to suck, and his kidneys are working, he was kicking like crazy--but I STILL can't feel it!! I want to feel him so bad!! I saw his brain, and all of the body parts again. He looks great! I have some pictures to post of our little guy, but I accidently left them at Darin's parents, so you will have to wait. In the mean time, here is a picture of my growing belly at 20 weeks.

20 Weeks