Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shower Fun

My friend Lara is getting married, so I decided to throw her a shower. It was really fun to see everyone, and to hear more about Lara and Dave. The shower went well, I was just sad that I forgot to take pictures of the people!! DUH!! But, here is the 2nd best thing, pictures of the food!

These are the nutmeg rum cookies I made. I couldn’t remember what tip to use when frosting the cookies. This was the 3rd tip I tried, and I know it still wasn’t right, but it worked. They look even cuter with the right tip.

This is the Amish friendship bread I made. It was really yummy. I also made banana bread, but it got a little over cooked, so I didn’t serve it. I also did the ivy and ribbon on the basket—got that idea from a cooking show.

These are the yummy quiche I made (well, what was left of them). I got this recipe from my friend Megan’s sister. ( I was supposed to use store bought pie crust (but I am too cheep—so I made my own). Next time I make these, I will roll the crust a little thinner. But, they were still very tasty!

Here is a picture of the fruit kabobs. I also got this idea of stabbing it into the watermelon from my friend Megan. My friend Shauna did most of the work on these, helping cut fruit and assemble. Thanks Shauna!!

These are the wraps we had. They are very easy and really good! It has cream cheese, green onion, green pepper, spinach, turkey, and ham. I got this recipe from my friend Jana, but I just made a few changes of my own. These were probably my favorite.


Shauna and Sam said...

haylee the food was so good and the shower so much fun! Thanks for doing it; I was glad I was able to come :) You are one amazing and creative chef! Everything tasted so good!

Jadi said...

Wow! I am so impressed! Everything looked delicious. I love the ivy on the basket idea. You have to start a recipe blog! I would be in heaven!:)

The Gunnerson Family said...

Wow, you are very ambitious! Everything looks so good. I am glad you had a good time.

clegger said...

Hello Sister Homemaker! I am SOOOOO IMPRESSED. You did a fabulous job on the shower! Wish I could've have been there to taste all those goodies. Way to go Hay! You amaze me.

Marleen said...

The food looks so good. I love baby showers. They are always happy.