Sunday, July 27, 2008

A wonderful week!!

What a wonderful week!! Wednesday I got to go to Idaho for my cousin Andrea’s wedding! The Rexburg temple was beautiful, and so was Andrea! It was also fun to see my cousin Heidi, and her cute baby Blake (picture of him playing with my dad). It was also my mom’s birthday, and my sister had a yummy dinner for us. Later that night Darin, Heather, Rick, Annie, mom,--MY AWESOME BROTHER BEN, and I went over to the fireworks at Mueller Park!

Thursday, Mom, Dad, and I went on a hike up Mueller Park Canyon. It was really fun. That night Darin and I went with his parents to the Bees’ game! Darin even caught a baseball there! The fireworks that night were spectacular!

Yesterday we spent the day up at the Cabin. We had an intense game of horseshoes! Uncle Al was my partner, and if uncle Bob didn’t have to take off, I think we could have won the whole thing!! (But, Darin thinks that he and James would have won). I think we need a rematch! It was really fun to see everyone, but the funniest part was that even though we haven’t seen each other for a long time, we felt like we knew what was going on with everyone because of blogs (with an exception of Tiffany and Wendy—ha ha). Then, last night we went to Doug and Erika’s wedding/reception. A busy week, but a good one! Here are a few of the pictures!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Update!!!

First off, thanks to everyone that commented when we made the big announcement! Your enthusiasm made me a little less scared, and more excited!! Also, thanks for all the advice! Keep it coming! I went to the doctor yesterday and I got to hear the heart beat! It was amazing!! It is so weird to think that there is actually a little person inside of me! The doctor said that I haven't gained any weight yet, but that is ok. He said that my uterus is now the size of a grapefruit, and the baby is doing well. Oh, and for those of you that go for the "heartbeat gender rumor" our baby's heartbeat was 160--which means a girl!--but our doctor said that is just an old wife’s tale.

So, here is the best news!!! All of my friends have to wait to find out gender until 19, 20, 22+ weeks to find out the gender. I knew my doctor looks earlier than most but I thought he was going to tell me to come back in 4 weeks to find out the gender, but he said to come back in 3 weeks!! I will be 16 weeks then when I get to find out!! WAHOO!!! Hurry and make your votes on a girl or a boy! Darin and I are hoping for a boy, but would be thrilled with either!! I am just so excited to start a baby room!!! We are so excited to be parents!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shower Fun

My friend Lara is getting married, so I decided to throw her a shower. It was really fun to see everyone, and to hear more about Lara and Dave. The shower went well, I was just sad that I forgot to take pictures of the people!! DUH!! But, here is the 2nd best thing, pictures of the food!

These are the nutmeg rum cookies I made. I couldn’t remember what tip to use when frosting the cookies. This was the 3rd tip I tried, and I know it still wasn’t right, but it worked. They look even cuter with the right tip.

This is the Amish friendship bread I made. It was really yummy. I also made banana bread, but it got a little over cooked, so I didn’t serve it. I also did the ivy and ribbon on the basket—got that idea from a cooking show.

These are the yummy quiche I made (well, what was left of them). I got this recipe from my friend Megan’s sister. ( I was supposed to use store bought pie crust (but I am too cheep—so I made my own). Next time I make these, I will roll the crust a little thinner. But, they were still very tasty!

Here is a picture of the fruit kabobs. I also got this idea of stabbing it into the watermelon from my friend Megan. My friend Shauna did most of the work on these, helping cut fruit and assemble. Thanks Shauna!!

These are the wraps we had. They are very easy and really good! It has cream cheese, green onion, green pepper, spinach, turkey, and ham. I got this recipe from my friend Jana, but I just made a few changes of my own. These were probably my favorite.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy one year...and a week anniversary!

Well, as you can see from our last post, we had a LOT to eat for our anniversary! When we came home we were so full that we couldn't eat the cake from our wedding. So, last night we did! Out of the freezer into our belly! It was still good! For those who don't know, my sister made my cake! She did a WONDERFUL job!! It was the cake of my dreams, that I ate with the man of my dreams!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!! HOORAY!

Yup! We are still married! What a wonderful year it has been! The best year of my entire life!!! I LOVE being married! Darin is the man of my dreams!! Last night was so fun! It was the perfect night (except for I forgot to wear mascara!! Who does that!!?) Darin made reservations at the Melting Pot! It was super yummy!! We started off with the cheese, then our salad. Our servers pepper grinder broke while he was doing my salad and the peppercorns went everywhere! It was so funny!! Then we had our amazing meat!!

Then we had our delicious dessert! Mmmm!! Flaming Turtle!!

We had thought about going back to "Jungle Safari Room" at Anniversary Inn for our anniversary (because that is where we went on our 1st honeymoon night), but we decided to save the money. So, I surprised Darin, and turned our bedroom into the Jungle Safari room!

Then we drank a little "bubbly" from our Anniversary Inn glassess!

It was a great day! Happy Anniversary Darin! I love you!!!