Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exciting News...for those who don't know

Yes! We are pregnant!! We found out on May 19th, and we were going to wait until the end of July to make the announcement, but the news got out of the bag a little early. We went to the doctor last week and everything looks good. There is only one baby in there, and we got to see the heart beat. I can't tell you much about the ultra sound picture, he is pretty small in there, but it is fun to post a picture!! My next doctor’s appointment is on July 21st so we will keep you posted! The due date is January 29th and we are really excited and nervous! Now if only we can find a house so I can start decorating the baby room!!! YEAH!! I am so excited! And the doctor said I should only be sick for 1 more month!! Being sick hasn't been fun, but Darin has been so nice to do extra help around the house, make dinner (because food always seems to have a weird smell), and he even holds my hair back when I barf! What a guy! Wish us luck! (Advice is freely accepted!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Work Day at the Cabin

This weekend we went up to the cabin. We started by going on a nice walk. These are a few of the pictures from our walk on Friday early evening. (Notice the beautiful weather and the yellow flowers). Now, look at the pictures Darin took the next mornining. Yes, this picture was taken in June, and yes, that white stuff is snow!!!!

PS- A shout-out thank you to Aunt Vicky! (I didn't think I would need those ziplock bags for the ride home, but I was wrong! thanks!)

Back to the Beginning...The Story of Darin and Haylee

Aug 6, 2006
I met with Bishop Hammond on this day. He asked me if I was interested in any boys in the ward. I quickly answered no, and I informed him of my “no dating boys in the ward” rule. He said I didn’t have to date any boys, unless Darin Gunnerson asked me out because he was so impressed with Darin. About 3 minutes later I was looking through the Sunday school door staring at the incredibly good looking teacher. I thought to myself “I could marry that guy, and if I do I will always remember looking at him through the door.” Then, I thought “Wow! That was weird! I have never had a thought like that before. But, I do hope that is the Darin Gunnerson the bishop was talking about, because I would like to go out with him!!

Aug 26, 2006
The first time we “met”—we met at the church spice factory on a service project. We shared the same scaffold, and had a really good time together. Then we went bowling and I got the “crush.” I had about 6 people ask me that night how long we had been dating, and they were all shocked when they found out that we had only met that day.

Sept 1, 2006
Our first date! He took me to snowbird for steak and a star show. It was pretty fun, but my first impressions were that his was a “big spender” and I was worried because he “couldn’t keep his hands off me.” (As recorded in my journal).

Nov. 4, 2006
Our third date. We went to Stake Conference together, but came back to his condo, watched Monster house, ate ice cream, and held hands!

Nov. 25, 2006
The famous date at the Melting Pot!!! OUR FIRST KISS!!! I know, I know!! Our first kiss was PDA, but I am pretty sure that no one saw!

---So at this point, things are going really pretty well in our relationship. Liking him more and more! But then, on February 10th (yes 4 days before Valentines day) Darin broke up with me (tear). But don’t worry, on the 17th we were back together—he even took me out for Valentine’s day.

April 9, 2007
I decided that Darin and I should probably break up on this day. However, in my attempt to break up with him he said, “Why don’t we just get married?” To which I replied, “OK.” Now, you need to understand that this “ok,” was in general, but the next day he said, “So I think that we should get you a ring and get engaged this week.”
Imagine my reaction!! I started freaking out! I told him I wasn’t ready and that I needed more time, and he gave me an ultimatum of 3 weeks! Eeek!! I spent the next 24 hours rereading every journal page, talking to friends (mainly Bridget, Lindsay, and Beth) praying, pondering etc. I finally received my answer, and I was excited to tell Darin.
We were over at Mueller Park flying kites. And here is how I recorded the experience in my journal, “As we were flying the kite, I was holding the string and he was holding me. I thought “ya, I could do this for the eternities.” Then, in all my excitement [and thinking this was going to be the most romantic moment in my life] I said, “Ok, lets get married!!” Then he gave me a little squeeze and said something to the effect of “you probably should let a little more kite string out.” Not the most romantic line I was looking for, but it worked!

April 11, 2007
So, this story could get really long, but in a nutshell, Darin got me the ring I had always dreamed of, took me up to Snowbird (where our first date was), had me sit on a rock, he got down on one knee and purposed!

July 10, 2007
Married in the Bountiful Temple. The rest is History!