Saturday, September 22, 2007

My beautiful cake

Here is the beautiful cake that my sister made! She did a wonderful job! You can see a picture of the cake she was copying at


Ben & Sophie said...

HIZAYLEE! You have a blog! I didn't know. So do we!

I'm totally making a link to you.

The Gunnerson Family said...

Darin and Haylee, I am so glad that you are on board with the blogging. I love to get a peek into your day to day lives. The wedding pictures are beautiful. We were so happy to be there on your special day. We love you guys. Keep the posts comming!

Tommy & Amy said...

Darin and Haylee!!! We're so excited that you two are bloggers also! I love your wedding pictures/reception. It looked beautiful and I wish that we were there! We find out next week what we're having and will definitely let you know. We're coming up conf. weekend and maybe we'll be able to see you two!

rick said...

more posts!!! you guys are really slacking!!

Jadi said...

Haylee and Darin, We miss you guys! You did a great job on your blog. Check ours out
I am still figuring it out so hopefully it will get better with time.:)
Love, Jadi