Friday, November 4, 2016

Family Costumes 2016 -- Monster's Inc

I am a HUGE lover of Halloween and dressing up! 

Let's be honest, all these costumes were pretty much finished by June! 

I made Andrew's costume with paper mache, a balloon, some paint, and tights for his arms and legs. 
We bought Darin's costume for $7 with a gift card online.
 Mine is just a dress from the DI and my mom sewed a little more on to make it long enough, she made my wig with purple fabric, stuffing, felt, and wire hangers. (Thanks mama!!)

Matt's is a hazmat suit we got online, and I just had him wear it backwards, then I put a box where the "hood" is, and I cut out holes for the kerr jar lids and some red Christmas ribbon I had.  I cut off the feet to make it shorter, and used the extra fabric to cover a box for the backpack.  I just used some black vinyl to do the "CDA" on the bag, and the "2319" on the front.

Lindsay's was the easiest, I got the shirt as a hand-me down, the leggings are from DI, and her hair ties are just pompoms glued on a bread tie! (Thanks for that idea, Heather).

Happy Halloween from Mike Wazowski, Sully, Celia, the CDA, and Boo!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Hodgkinson Halloween Party

My parents hosted another fun Halloween party!!  We started by drawing costume titles for each of the men, then getting them "dressed."  (Rick+cheese puff monster, Dad=Purple hairy monster, Ben=Chubby Bunny, Darin= Pretty Princess).   Then we ate some yummy dinner, and did more activities!  It was a great night! Thanks so much mom and dad!!

Donut Night!

We had our 7th annual donut night!
I made more donuts than I ever had---and it was WAY too many!! 
I made over 400 donuts --8 batches!!

I need to remember for next year to do 5 batches or 6 at the MOST! 
I still had more dough in the fridge I hadn't even rolled out yet!

It is a lot of work, but we always love getting an excuse to be with our neighbors, friends, and family!

These were just SOME of the leftovers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

UEA Staycation!

We had a fun little "Stay-cation" over UEA break!
We had a free night at a hotel, so we surprised the kids with a sleepover at a hotel, a trip to Cornbelly's, and Boo at the Zoo lights!
It was a fun little getaway!