Friday, March 16, 2018

Mad Hatter Party

Our Relief Society did the CUTEST Mad Hatter Party!
The decorations were amazing, the food was delicious, and I love getting to be with these amazing women!  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of my hat.  It had a pinata type vase with flower pinwheels and flower balloons coming out the top.  My hat won "the most colorful" award!
There were some fantastic hats that night!

Dinner with Aldos and Ellen

Last week Darin's parents had us over for a delicious dinner so we could spend time with Aldos and Ellen.
Aldos was Darin's parents driver when they lived in the Philippines. 
He and Darin became good friends, and we were glad they made time for us while on their trip to the USA!  

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

Haylee turns 33!

I had a wonderful 33rd birthday!
The kids decorated the house and brought me breakfast in bed.
Darin took the day off and took me to the temple and to Market Street for lunch.  
(Thanks mom and dad for babysitting).

The day was full of calls, emails, texts, treats, gifts and more!
I have the best friends and family!

My mom and sister both offered to make me a cake, and Darin offered to buy me one, but I really wanted to try making one of these "number cakes" and I am so happy with the way it turned out!

That night we ordered pizza and watched "You've got mail."
It was the perfect day!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Jazz Game

Last night, Matt got to go with his Jr Jazz team to the Jazz game. 
My friend, Lisa, happens to have season tickets, and since our sons were going with their team, she invited me to join her for the game.  Matt and Tyce sat about 4 rows from very top, and Lisa and I sat about 4 rows from the bottom!  Ha!  Matt got a little nervous with how high he was, (I didn't blame him, it was a little scary).

It was the Jazz Bear's birthday, so lots of other mascots joined him to celebrate!
Lisa and I had lots of fun getting 2 mascots to come sit with us and we even made the jumbo tron!  

It was a wonderful night!

After we got a picture with the mascots, one of the mascots grabbed Matt's leg and wouldn't let go so he ended up joining the next family for their photo!  Ha!

It took some persuading to get the boys to pose for a photo with the Jazz dancers, but they don't look too sad about it!

This mascot was getting a little too friendly with me!  (Rubbing my back, arm, playing with my hair, etc).  Then when I made a comment about my husband he made a big huge reaction and jumped up running away!  It was pretty funny!

Tyce, Matt, and their coach.

It was a perfect night and the Jazz won to make it even better!

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Flower Milk Bath

8 Month Lucy

Our little Lucy is now 8 months!! (Really 8 1/2). 
She is still wearing 3 month clothes, but she doesn’t drown in 6 months. 
She has learned how to clap and fake cough. 
She shakes her head no and it kills me! 
We love you sweet girl!