Thursday, July 12, 2018

Andrew's T Ball

We finished up a wonderful season of T Ball!  
We had a fun time watching crazy Andrew as he learned the game!
On his very first hit ever, he got a home-run.  However, he did not touch any of the bases in the process.  He just ran around the pitcher and came back home!

Andrew was able to be on the same team with two of his best friends, Sam and Brooks. 
They are such cute boys and it was fun to be able to visit with their parents each game.
Andrew also got lots of support from both sets of grandparents. 
This boy is LOVED!

We decided to end the season with a little party!
We had a hotdog bar, potato salad, chips, baked beans and Laurie brought yummy fruit, and Shana brought yummy rootbeer floats! 
It was a perfect night!

11 Year Anniversary

Darin planned the BEST date for our 11 year anniversary!
We went and picked up dinner from the Village Baker and took it to Deer Valley for a picnic and stayed for a Broadway concert with the Utah Symphony!  It was the PERFECT night!  I couldn't believe how chilly, especially because it was 100 degrees when we left for the concert!

I couldn't have asked for a better partner!  Thanks for 11 wonderful years Darin!

Our actual anniversary was on a Tuesday, and Darin picked up flowers, chocolates, and Chinese takeout!  A bonus anniversary night!

Corolla to Camry

Last week, my first car I ever bought, before Darin and I were ever married died. 
I surprisingly wasn't emotional about it at all, until we had to go to Andy's to take out our belongings.
Darin has been driving that car for the past 5+ years and I had it for 6+ years before that.

We knew that we needed a new car quickly, and Darin did some research online and we found this car super quick.  We both liked it, it was a good price, and it was the only car we took for a test drive.

I just wish that Grandpa Welling was here to see it!  He LOVES red cars!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Bike Parade

This year, my kids really wanted to do the Centerville kids bike parade. 
Unfortunately, our car died (as in we have to get a new car), so we couldn't go.
The kids were sad to miss it, and so I decided to just do our own bike parade with our four kids.
Then, I decided to just invite the whole neighborhood and in a few hours we pulled off such a fun little bike parade!  The kids all did such a great job decorated their bikes and it was fun to have all the neighbors over afterwards for some Popsicles.