Saturday, January 20, 2018

Lindsay's 7th Birthday!

This year, Lindsay wanted to have a "baking birthday!"  

My mom gave me a baking birthday when I was her age and it was one of my favorite birthdays! 
This was so much fun to plan and we had a great time!
I got a lot of my birthday inspiration from Darin's cousin, Amy! (Thanks Amy)
I got lucky with a lot of my purchases!  I found these hats and aprons for a dollar each!
The week before Lindsay's birthday I thought it would be fun to have cake stands, so I went to DI to see if I could find supplies to make matching cakes stands, but then I found all SIX that MATCHED for ONE DOLLAR a piece!!!  BEST DAY EVER!!  I usually only spend about $1 per guest, but this year we splurged and did about $3 per kid! It was definitely worth it! :) 

We started by playing a game while we waited for everyone to arrive.  The kids roll two dice and if they get a 7 they have to put on two oven mitts, and use kitchen utensils to try to unwrap a Hersey kiss.  They loved it!

Next, we made pizza.  Then we played "Pin the Sprinkles on the Cupcake" while we waited for the pizzas to cook.  After pizza, our decorations all disappeared so we had to go on a scavenger hunt to find the sprinkles and frosting (per Lindsay's request).

We decorated cakes, sang to the birthday girl, and ate cake.  
It was a perfect little day!

I know some people think I am NUTS, but Darin and I really don't buy our kids birthday presents. 
We will take them to dinner, and give them a playdate (where we also ask the guests not to brings gifts), but we really don't give them any tangible gift. 

Andrew pretty much made up for our no gift rule, but wrapping up everything he owns over the course of two days and giving it to Lindsay.  He really is so sweet.  My favorite gift he gave her (besides his legos, a colored paper cup, and his medal from mutton buston) was a plain white piece of paper that she could "do anything she wants with it."  Funny little guy!

And it Andrew's gifts weren't enough--and of course some presents for both sets of grandparents, a cousin, and a neighbor, our cute Isaac came and brought Lindsay nail polish, Lip-gloss, and a Karaoke Machine!!  He is the sweetest kid!!  

Happy 7th Birthday Lindsay!!  

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Pancakes!!

Our Traditional New Year's whole wheat pancakes!

New Year's Eve!!

Welcome 2018!!

Lindsay wrote me this poem.  Notice the part that says. "She sleeps all day and night"

Grandpa's Funeral

Last week we had Grandpa Welling's funeral.
My mom and all her siblings did FANTASTIC!!
President Jackson and Elder Neil Anderson also spoke.
Elder Anderson also read a letter from the first presidency.

It was a beautiful day, and it was so nice to celebrate such a wonderful man!
We will miss you Grandpa!

The Gospel's True and We Love YOU!!!

THIS is a good crew!!

Big Lucy and little Lucy meet for the first time!